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Long-Life Detection Solutions

El-Mul’s unique technology provides solutions that last. Detection solutions for ion-trap, quadrupole, hybrid and other types of mass spectrometers are available. We demonstrate excellent gain stability over extended periods, beating any other commercially available technology (e.g. MCP, channel multipliers or electron multipliers).

El-Mul’s design optically decouples the ion signal from the output signal, allowing signal output on ground. Furthermore, design is versatile and can be modified to fit any mass spectrometer.

Long -life detectors reduce the need to repeatedly re-calibrate systems and to exchange detectors with new ones, reducing costs of maintenance and ownership to the end user.

Long-life detection solutions:

Ions (negative or positive) hit a converter plate, generating secondary electrons. These are accelerated into a scintillator screen where photons are created and subsequently detected by a photon sensor.