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El-Mul’s MTOF™ technology platform is an advanced solution for Time of Flight mass spectrometers, suitable for detection of a very wide range of ion mass.
MTOF’s most outstanding feature is its gain stability.

The MTOF™ detector gain remains stable over long periods and high charge exposure, overcoming gain degradation problems seen in other ion detection technologies. MTOF™ is also designed to provide excellent detection efficiency for heavy ions by converting every ion on a converter plate into secondary electrons. Secondary electrons are then detected with a scintillator having a near 100% detection efficiency.

MTOF™ is a cost-effective solution as it does not require frequent system calibration or detector replacement, thus reducing the cost of ownership.
MTOF™ can operate on floating voltage and allows switchable, bi-polar operation. The output of MTOF detectors is at ground potential.

MTOF™ principle of operation:

Incoming ion beam exiting the flight tube hits a flat converter-plate. Secondary electrons, generated at the converter-plate, move in the detector’s ExB field towards the ScintiFast™, where their energy is transformed to photons. Photons are detected by a photon sensor and signal is extracted.