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Fast Imaging Detector Allegro™

Our range of Microchannel Plate (MCP) detectors reflects El-Mul’s many years of adapting microchannel plate solutions to specific customer needs. Among these are standard, annular, TOF and imaging detector assemblies.

Recently, El-Mul released the Allegro™ microchannel plate detector. Allegro is a fast imaging detector comprising a double microchannel plate and ScintiFast™, the flagship of fast inorganic scintillator technology.

With ScintiFast™, Allegro™ provides a combination of extremely fast response, very high gain and durable performance, making it the leading fast microchannel plate imaging detector available in the market.

Allegro™ is available in two standard sizes – 50mm and 33mm MCP diameter. The Allegro™ microchannel plate imaging detector can be adapted to specific OEM requirements

Alongside Allegro, standard microchannel plate detectors are also available in the same two sizes, with either a ScintiMax™ scintillator screen (P47 or R42) or an anode.

El-Mul also specializes in building annular microchannel plate assemblies, cutting small central holes with minimal dead area. All of our microchannel plate capabilities can be adapted to the particular needs of OEM systems.

Download Allegro Brochure