3Max™ SE3 Detectors

El-Mul’s 3Max patent brings exciting new life to the Everhart-Thornley (ET) detection scheme. The unique design can be operated in two modes:

The SE3 only mode enables the indirect imaging of BSE signals. This mode detects SE3 generated by BSE impinging on chamber walls and components. Excellent material contrast imagery can be obtained when low-energy BSE cannot be otherwise detected.

The SE+SE3 mode collects electrons from a large space, improving SNR up to three times relative to standard ETD. When very low beam currents must be used, this mode will generate the optimal image. Occupying a single ETD port, 3Max can be easily adapted and optimized for a specific system.

SE+SE3 mode

Mode 1
SE3, generated by BSE in the chamber space, are attracted by the side grid and focused on a ScintiMax™ screen
Mode 2

Front grid operates as a traditional ETD, attracting SE1 and SE2 from the sample.
Front grid voltage can be switched to repel electrons, so an SE3-only (low energy BSE) image would be generated